Once a Knight, Always a Knight

The Kentucky Christian University Alumni Office represents some of the finest people on the planet. We have alumni representing hundreds of different professions, ministries and missions around the globe. From Hawaii to Florida to New York to countries like Haiti, England, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Australia, Chile, Korea, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Ukraine and even in Siberia you will find 澳门巴黎人下载网站 alumni. It is completely true, “the sun always rises on our alumni.”

It is our goal to keep 澳门巴黎人下载网站 Alumni connected to each other and to the University.  We are a part of a special family.  A family of individuals that share a common heritage.  We are brought together by a faithful institution in the foothills of the Bluegrass State, that for decades has been focused on Christ, Character, and Career.  澳门巴黎人下载网站 is incredibly grateful for its Alumni! They are World Changers for the Kingdom of God and we are extremely proud of them!

We hope to provide an environment through social media platforms, on-campus events, and regional alumni gatherings that will both inform and encourage our 澳门巴黎人下载网站 family.  We hope you will check out all we have to offer our Alumni.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Alumni office.  We look forward to connecting with you.

The Voice

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Director of Alumni Relations

Doug is a 1991 graduate of 澳门巴黎人下载网站.  He served in vocational ministry as a Church planter and preaching minister for more than 30 years.  Not only is Doug a graduate of 澳门巴黎人下载网站, but so is his wife Jill (1991) and three children Hannah (2013), Jesse (2015 & 2018), and Bethany (2017).  澳门巴黎人下载网站 is a special place for the Martin family.

Please reach out to Doug if he can assist you in any way.



Doug Martin
Director of Alumni and Church Relations

Prepared for the World

“澳门巴黎人下载网站 was more than a University, it was also a home for me. Professors didn’t just worry about my grades, but
they knew about my life, provided counsel, encouraged me, and pushed me to grow. I felt that my education for
ministry was amazing and really helped prepare me for ministry. A lot of my spiritual mentors have come out of
澳门巴黎人下载网站 and also some lifelong friendships with fellow students. 澳门巴黎人下载网站 might not be the biggest school, but it has one
of the biggest hearts.”

Cady Wurtz, Class of 2017 Graduate School

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